Twin Flame: Questions & Answers

Twin Flames Inanna & Dumuzi, Sumer c. 2,500 B.C.E.

LisaPaul Streitfeld, Kulturindustrie Critic, Philosopher & Astrologer

Clearly there are very real (differences in age, financial, career and marital status) obstacles to the pursuit of a twin flame connection that typically exists outside time and space. Yet, the greatest challege is uncertainty; there are few role models of a twin flame connection leading to everyday relationship. This is because the TF is an archetypal configuration in a new holistic religion sourced in the Aquarian icon of the Hieros Gamos. The individuals that take the risks — time, money, reputation, career — to follow the synchronicities catalyzed by the twin flame connection are forging a new pathway for all of humanity. Yet, who will even recognize their struggle as a noble occupation in this material world?

There isn’t much in the culture to support such a pathway. The ego is subject to ridicule for trying. Self-consciousness impedes the state of mind required to access the 5D. A quantum shift is what is needed to recognize the twin flame journey as a holistic healing of humanity and the earth.

The key to recognizing an inner flame is the phenomenon I refer to as “the complementary opposites dynamic.” This is the tension that fuels the twin flame journey. We feel complete with our twin flame because we share the same psychic space. As mirror opposites merging into one being, we now feel whole.

Your questions refer to the paradox of the twin flame. By gazing into “Other,” we have a mirror for our becoming into wholeness. The term in physics for two whole particles sharing the same space is “Entanglement.”

The single entity (the Hieros Gamos) created from two wholes is key to defining the twin flame connection. This dynamic also explains the challenge: it requires that we consciously enter this dynamic tension to pursue a path of wholeness. This means giving up the patterns established by ego providing the win/lose drama with its expected outcomes.

Does cheating with a twin flame or breaking up a family create karma that you have to pay for later? Or is this karma absolved by twin flame love?

This is a complex question for which there is no simple answer.

The Twin Flame Experience is by definition a spiritual journey devoted to interpersonal growth and transformation.

So, The first thing to understand when bringing up the word “karma” is that the 5-D connection between Twin Flames takes place beyond the realm of Chronos, ruling chronological time and space. This means the TFE is beyond the Wheel of Karma in which us earthlings are trapped.

We are in the 3-D resolving our earthly karma while yearning towards the full liberation of the Twin Flame Union. A legal marriage is typically formed to confront karma, yet an abrupt abandonment triggered by the Twin Flame connection can create negative karma outweighing any good that was achieved in the marriage.

A marriage breaks up when forces converge to break it up. Just like any other break up, fate steps in and no human will can continue to hold it together. An astrologer can see all this in the transits to the natal chart, as well as the progressed chart, and transits to the composite charts of the individuals involved.

If both partners are dedicated to the work of becoming conscious and taking responsibility to keeping a 3-D Union together for a common purpos, for example raising children, then the Twin Flame can assist the marriage in adapting to a new reality. For example, the Twin Flame can catalyze an opening up of the 3-D marriage to accommodate the impact of the Third element. In this way, all parties may be transformed by Truth.

However, while there may be an emotional abandonment because the married Twin Flame is preoccupied with the 5-D Union, physical abandonment can create a crisis if bills are suddenly unpaid due to a sudden lapse in responsibility by the Twin. Therefore, a Twin Flame connection moving rapidly and irresponsibly into the physical realm of the 3-D will create negative karma that cannot be absolved by the Twin Flame Love. We have to understand the physics here, the Butterly Effect, in that whatever happens in the 5-D will impact the 3-D, whether negative or positive. So, any heedless rush to consummate the Twin Flame in the 3-D will also have impact on the Twin Flame relationship in the 5-D. Conversely, a time-tested unconditional love demanding the best Mirror for both Twins will undoubtedly speed up the karma naturally dissolving the 3-D marriages of one or both Twin Flames.

In a previous answer, I depicted the Twin Flame Connection as “The Great Work” of Alchemy in which the quintessence or Philosopher’s Stone is the goal. A sudden change arising out of ego has a nuclear effect, which topples the entire experiment.

Do you want to risk that for the fleeting satiation of sexual desire?

The Twin Flame Journey teaches us that love is many things, demanding the best of our individual characters as we transform into conscious beings with the Self at the center controlling our behavior to bring us what we want out of life. We all want love, but in the 3-D the ego withdrawals from relationship too soon, so there is no chance for love to grow.

Aside from this beam of green light from the heart, the greatest gift that we can find in our Twin Flame Mirror is patience.

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Why would the universe send my twin flame while I’m in a loving relationship with my soulmate?

The twin flame creates an evolutionary challenge that a soulmate cannot offer. The soulmate is a personal connection and typically karmic from past lives. Yet, the twin flame experience extends far beyond the personal into the universal. Following the connection where it leads means giving up the security you have found in a loving soulmate relationship but the process is life-changing. The universe sends your twin flame to shake up your existence and place you on the path of your life mission.

There is a great deal of risk in trying to make the twin flame into the day-to-day relationship you have with your soulmate, but the rewards are literally out of this world. Committing yourself to this path puts you in a very special group of sorjourners that connects you to any culture.


What does union really mean in regards to the twin flame journey?

It depends if you are referring to physical or spiritual union. To have both is the ultimate twin flame experience, an internal/external integration of Heaven & earth known as the Hieros Gamos. With two souls integrated as one, you now have a common mission, a life purpose, and all prior struggles will fall away. Engaged in this dynamic union of opposites the joy of the journey will be doubled through the mirror of arrival.

The Möbius strip is a new symbol arising in western philosophy. This means the inner and outer so completely integrated that it isn’t clear what is one and what is the other. This is the goal of the twin flame union. The feeling is simply bliss.


So I’m gay. And I’ve been reading about twin flames. Do you think my twin flame out there is also gay? Or are they opposites?

The twin flame is a liberation from societal labels such as “gay” that categorize the object(ive) of desire in the material.

Imagine you are on a desert island and you meet a Being that radiates such a self-containment dynamic of complementary opposites that you cannot begin to identify with any gender label. You are drawn to this Being with an attraction you never felt before. Would you ask this divine presence what their sexual orientation is, or simply surrender into the feeling of wanting to merge with it, choosing to remain in this space of divine Uncetainty for as long as possible?

This is what the experience of entering the Hieros Gamos with your twin flame is like.

The twin flame connection takes place outside time and space. Some refer to this the 5D. Labels such as “gay” are provided by society as ego defenses against the immaterial ambiguity that is the twin flame connection. Consider the twin flame connection as the passage to a new godhead.

There are a lot of people saying that twin flames are all an illusion and made up from crazy people. How are you suppose to feel when you are constantly being told these things?

Thank you for this wonderful question, which prompted a strong reaction that caused me to truly ponder on the subject of society’s need for veracity of the nonmaterial phenomenon!

Fortunately, I have rid my life of skeptics long ago.

If I did have anyone challenging my belief in the Twin Flame Experience as a journey of spiritual transformation in the Age of the Internet, I would tell that person that geniuses have always been ridiculed in their time when history has revealed them to be Promethean spirits whose insanity was typically triggered from isolation and lack of acceptance for their revolutionary ideas.

Indeed, the TFE raising the Kundalini from a state of Awakening into powerful intuition guiding one’s life mission towards new invention was practiced by the members of the Golden Dawn, who produced a remarkable body of literary genius.

C.G. Jung’s TFE with Sabina Spielrein — his schizophrenic patient transformed into colleague, co-creator of archetypal psychology and guide to the underworld — produced one of the remarkable artworks of the 20th century, The Red Book.

I could go on, but you get the point. The path of raising the Kundalini historically transversed by genius, many of whom expired from the lack of a Twin Flame companion, is now a passage of spiritual transformation available to everyone.

This is the passage to the unconditional love of the Age of Aquarius. By following it, we can learn to use technology as apparatus to further our Twin Flame Connection, rather than technology using us as slaves to the corporate controlled society.

If this is what the fools calling Twin Flames an illusion think is crazy, then I relish the label!

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