The Twin Flame Rebellion & the Quantum Leap into Web 3.0

A “twin flame” screen-grab on February 4, 2019 reveals a dazzling display of images offering a Third solution to the dichotomy that split late Modernism into two opposing sides: abstraction/objective vs. figuration/non-objective.

The Twin Flame Rebellion is setting the Internet on fire.

What else but a collective pursuit of eternal, unconditional love could provide the antidote to the soul-depleting struggle for stardom in the 24/7 celebrity-obsessed corporate-dominated media? What more could slay the tyrannical Monster of the binary LIKE, with its egotistical pursuit of Keeping up with the Kardashians?

Twin flame is a term packed with cultural significance. The dichotomy of a mirrored awakening into a collaborative Third represents a collective quantum leap into Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 was summed up by media philosopher Geert Lovink as “the logic of the image.” There is something inherently logical about an image of a pair of complementary opposites merging into one being. The integration represents a mirror, not simply between two individuals, but between the individual and the environment. Physics as offered its own terminology in Entanglement, two whole particles sharing the same space

Embodying a new value, the interior-seeking twin flame journey is a populist do-it-yourSelf (r)evolution integrating science with the humanities rescuing global society from the soul-depleting neo-liberal pursuit of fame and fortune in the media, entertainment, academic and art worlds exposed by #MeToo.

It is as if the New Age 1980s orientation on the “Higher Self” has birthed “the Self” in their millennial children seeking the twin flame as a retreat from external fame seeking of their parents. The Self was the term that Carl Jung used for the 21st century archetype of the Hieros Gamos.

Millennials are jumping onto this long-anticipated Quantum Leap into Web 3.0 fueled by human desire channeled into evolutionary growth. The twin flame journey combines an esoteric form of 5D astrology with Jungian synchronicity and the timeless pursuit of romantic love with the quest for the quantum leap into a wellness of body/mind/spirit integration.

For the millennials, the focus on the Self signifies a rebellion against the external New Age business of spiritual materialism orientated towards the physical gatherings offering potential soulmates. To join the twin flame rebellion, all you have to do is openly confess personal desire for a universal archetype, thereby putting into practice an eros consciousness repressed by the feminist straight-jacket of the politically correct for the two decades straddling each side of the change in millennium.

The pursuit of eternal love made palatable in Internet algorithms answers the question posed by cultural observers: what replaces the identity politics of the new-liberalism orientation towards the global capital market? The answer is a cost-free universal Web connection pursuing physical love as a journey into consciousness. This collective pursuit is being revealed in the Quora app as a meeting place between psychics and academics with “twin flame” seekers, whose only credential required for participation is a personal expression of the desire for unconditional love

The new rebellion is universal precisely because it places a non-linear value on the unifying aspect of love: the heart connection. Arising from this center, it tosses all divisive issues stemming from identity orientation such as race, religion and social class into the dustbin of history.

While the twin flame journey is open to anyone, with or without a browser, there are self-appointed authorities within the movement proclaiming a limited supply of twin flames, thereby establishing a new hierarchy within a horizontal quest.

This determination of quantity within a new quality of the Third is an indication of a new stage of the movement passing from limitless cyberspace into the limitation of the human body. When universal desire striving towards an ideal of unconditional love is met with limitation of supply, it is a sure sign that the commercialization of a liberating new cultural movement has already begun.

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a Web 3.0 philosopher and Kulturindustrie Theorist whose twin flame journey commenced with her 1983 Kundalini Awakening, chronicled in her first novel, Champagne Tango.

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