Twin Flame Consultation Introductory Special $33

You must have seen my special advertised and are looking for a Twin Flame reading…

A few questions :

1.  Have you had a natal astrology reading?

2.  Do you have your birth data (date, time, place) 

3.  Do you have the same for your Twin Flame?

If you haven’t had a natal astrology reading you will need at least an hour consultation.  This is because you need to be conscious of your own energy patterns before connecting with your Twin.

I do readings by Skype or Facebook Messenger audio.

I ask for advance payment in US $33 (half hour) or $66 (full hour).

@ Paypal:

If I have both birth times, I can do a composite, which is the reading of the Union, complete with timings.  Otherwise, I do synastry readings that determining TF Union and timings for separation/approach/union.

I do other kinds of readings, but all my Quora Answers are about a Twin Flames, and that is what I am emphasizing now…

…because I love doing it!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Shiva Lisa

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