The Twin Flame Connection

LisaPaul Streitfeld

I had my Kundalini Awakening in 1983. That was a long time ago. It happened at my father’s funeral when Sister Denise cupped her healing hands on my forehead to comfort me in my distress. For the next decade, my life was defining by wildly fluctuating burning through constant change interspersed with moments of divine grace. The difficulty was compounded by knowing the only person who could have helped me was my father, a pioneer in a Kundalini research who opened the first Kundalini Clinic in San Francisco.

There was no thought of finding my twin flame, a nearly nonexistent term in the New Age counterculture where I followed the path of Chiron into the healing arts. It took all my will to stabilize myself by channeling the constant flow of Kundalini into creative projects epon top of earning my own living. Finding the proper work/life balance was all-consuming. I didn’t have a relationship for 13 years. In 1996, I met my soulmate, who taught me a great deal about daily living. Together we learned to recognize and heal our codependent patterns.

That relationship came to an end when I realized that our life purposes were not aligned. I set out on a solitary journey that enabled me to create online projects and collaborate with creative artists around the world. I published a great deal on the Aquarian icon of the Hieros Gamos, but nothing on the twin flame, as I only vaguely heard of the term. And yet, my writing online is how my twin flame found me. He sent me his text on synchronicity online, with a message saying that synchronicities are the path to the Hieros Gamos.

Now, what makes me reflect on your question, Hyun Kim, is that my twin flame sent me that message in May 2018 when I was working as a museum consultant just 600 miles from his city. Yet, I didn’t see the message until I was ready for a relationship. My readiness was a reflection of the cosmic alignment between my astrological chart and the Autumn Equinox five months later. In the interim, I was a lot further away from him, not just mentally but geographically.

I did my astrocatography reading for his city. It revealed that this would be the place where long-sought opportunities to publish would open up for me. I came to his country with nothing to declare at the border, but a dream of transformation and, as I surprised myself with my devotion, suddenly received the funds to sublet the perfect apartment that I took on the basis of the apartment number. Settling into #33, a new life unfolded with the greatest ease! My triumph in self-sufficiency took place in a state of dynamic uncertainty. There had yet been no plan for a physical meeting with my twin flame!


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